Henning Ullén is an award-winning pianist and composer primarily active in jazz and improvisational music. Henning is the son of internationally recognized pianist and composer Lisa Ullén. He studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Berklee College of Music, and the conservatory in Paris (CNSDMP). Henning Ullén was one of Sweden’s most promising and acclaimed young jazz trumpeters when he had to end his trumpet career in 2019 due to a rare disease that caused dizziness and headaches in connection with playing the trumpet. He then quickly transitioned to the piano and released his first album, Debut, in 2021. Märet Öman commented Henning’s musical journey in the program P1 Kultur (SR): ”Switching instruments from trumpet to piano in just two years shows tremendous musicality. Henning’s piano playing is organic, the breath and phrasing in his playing make it evident that he is originally a brass musician. His music has drive, direction, and instills hope. His touch reminds me of a classically trained musician, soft but distinct and personal. It brings to mind Lars Janson or Esbjörn Svensson.” In October 2017 and 2018 Henning Ullén was nominated as the “newcomer of the year” by the Swedish Radio. On his free time Henning is a passionate member and supporter of Stockholm based football club A.I.K.

”Ullén's trio is one of the more interesting ensembles in Swedish Jazz today”
Tidningen JAZZ

"Ullén has a fine care
for melodic lines and
plays openly
exploratively in a way that in some aspects reminds me of a young Esbjörn Svensson.”

”Henning Ullén clearly demonstrates his greatness both as a musician and a composer”
Magasin Opulens